9-Year-Old Organizes “Kids on a Mission”

What a fabulous example for others! Miley Morales is a true hero! According to her mom, Jennifer Rodriguez, after preparing for the catastrophic storm Hurricane Irma, they are thankful their family is just fine. Post Hurricane Irma making its presence known and leaving the area, 9-year-old Miley insisted they do something to help others.

Residents of Miramar for a little over three years, they started by Miley and her mom finding a Publix that was open. They bought as many cupcakes as they could, took them home, and froze them for a couple of hours (luckily the freezer was still extremely cold). Then they set out to distribute them to all the public servants they saw working and to the Fire and Police Stations.

In an email, Jennifer explained Miley’s next idea. “Mom we bought so many items that thankfully we didn’t need, I’m sure everyone did too, since the stores were so crazy. Why don’t we go door to door and ask people for extra items they would like to donate and we can take them to the Keys to help those that really do need them.” This is when Kids on a Mission was born! In a short time, they were able to enlist the help of: Luis “lucho” Pedraza from the Galiz Cycling Foundation; the Knights of Columbus #14730 of Saint Louis Catholic Church, Pinecrest , FL; and Gerardo “Jerry” Rodriguez, Miami Dade County Councilman District 10.

One young girl with a mission united kids from several communities to help collect donations. For two days, Miley went door-to-door gathering items; then she began hosting a donation drive. On Saturday, September 16th Miley, accompanied by other community children she recruited, went to Boaters Park on 178th and Pembroke Road. Between 9am and 3pm, they accepted donations. Miley’s goal was to fill a “reeeeaaaly big truck” and surpassed that goal by a long shot! On Sunday, a group of volunteers drove with five truckloads to the Florida Keys, set up stakes, and watched people take what they needed. They collected useful clothes, water, canned goods, and much more. Other groups delivered contributions from Homestead all the way to north Broward County.

Jennifer’s daughter has worked extremely hard and united more than 50 kids in just two days. All parents participated as Miley managed to get them involved in the community and taught them the joy of giving. Jennifer is very proud of her daughter and says if you were to meet her she has no doubt you would see how unique and special this 9-year-old is. In fact, the paperwork to create a nonprofit organization for Kids on a Mission is already underway.

Should you have items to contribute, you may call Jennifer Rodriguez at 305-903-7595.