Franklin Academy Sophomore Embodies School Spirit

Victor Ferro is an inspiration to all immigrant students. He moved to the United States from Venezuela less than a year ago with his parents and younger brother. He barely spoke English when he enrolled at Franklin Academy’s new middle/high school campus in Pembroke Pines, where he has thrived both academically and socially.

Victor was immediately embraced by the faculty and his classmates. Within a few months of starting school, the sophomore was elected President of the school’s Student Government Association. Popular amongst his peers, he was also crowned Homecoming King.

Now fluent in English, Victor has assumed an ambassador role at the Franklin Academy. He is responsible for making the morning announcements every day. He is also in charge of greeting all new Franklin families on the school’s Registration/Business Day.

Victor was not the only student new to Franklin Academy this past year. It was the inaugural year for the school’s middle/high school campus and Victor took it upon himself to ensure that all students could enjoy a true high school experience. He was instrumental in organizing traditional high school activities such as the Homecoming dance, class t-shirts, and field trips, as well as the sale of holiday-grams and Florida Standards Assessments (FSA) good luck charms.

Like many children growing up in Venezuela, Victor was an avid soccer player. He continues to play here in his new home, both for Franklin Academy and in a community league.

While he still plays soccer, Victor has had to give up one of his former passions – hiking. In Venezuela, he would hike the trails of the El Avila National Park every weekend. Although it’s been less than a year since Victor moved to the Pembroke Pines and Miramar area, he has quickly adjusted from the forested mountains of his native country to the hustle and bustle of busy South Florida.

When asked if he misses his former life, Victor shares that while he misses his friends in Venezuela, he has felt a sense of family at Franklin Academy and has found himself a new home.