Miramar Students Receive Scholarships From Broward Education Foundation 

Along with the Broward Education Foundation, intelligent students from Miramar prove that with hard work and dedication, anything is possible. Broward County Resident and scholarship donor Jammal Davenport was the keynote speaker at the scholarship ceremony. He inspired the parents, students, mentors, and donors alike with his moving speech.

One of the highlights of Davenport’s presentation was when he reflected on his personal struggles during adolescence and how he overcame them. By addressing his obstacles, Davenport was able to relate with the audience in a way another donor with a different background could not. “Some scholars have not sprouted to their fullest potential, not because they cannot perform academically but because they simply have not had the best start to success” Davenport proclaimed. This statement captures the true heart of the mission that the Broward Education Foundation set to embark upon. Bright and intelligent students need resources and a solid basis to really help them flourish both academically and as citizens. Because of the overwhelming support that donors like Jammal Davenport and his wife Amber give, underprivileged students can take advantage of new academic opportunities. Qualifying students that fall short financially when it comes to post-secondary education are granted scholarships by the Broward Education Foundation. These scholarships are made possible by generous organizations, companies, and individual donors who offer their valuable support. 

Christina Fischer, Chair of the Broward Education Foundation Board, also delivered her words of praise and encouragement to the inspired audience. She made sure to recognize Jammal and Amber Davenport for all the hard work they do and also shone a spotlight on the hardworking recipients of these scholarships by congratulating them and wishing them the best of luck in college and life. The way Christina Fischer spoke about the incredible work of the Broward Education Foundation and its donors showcases just how passionate the board is and how they work tirelessly to give students the help they need to shine.

The hardworking and intelligent students of Miramar hand in hand with the Broward Education Foundation prove that nothing is beyond reach as long as you have passion and drive. Everyone can learn something from this amazing Foundation and the dedicated people that they serve in the community.